Getting a Glimpse into Life After Graduation

Dallas Graduates

The real world comes soon enough to graduating high school students. For those with disabilities, it might take a bit more to envision their life after they earn their diploma.

At Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas, students with disabilities are given a special “leg up” with a program that helps them design transition plans.  These plans provide real-world job training for their lives after graduation.  Driven by a law known as the Individuals with Disabilities Act, or IDEA, the program partners with local businesses to help leverage the talents of these students.

For the past three years, Frontline ER has partnered with Woodrow Wilson to provide a setting for their IDEA students in a real work environment. Their job responsibilities included collating patient packets, assembling goodie bags, sanitation, janitorial work and stocking emergency rooms with linens and supplies.

“The pandemic made it tough to continue our partnership as originally planned in 2020,” Laura Tschida said.  “But we continued to provide projects they could do in class that supported our operation. Hopefully, later this year (2021) we can invite them back into the real work setting.”

Ms. Tschida is Marketing Director for Frontline ER.

In early June, Frontline ER Dallas honored these students with a complete facility tour and luncheon to show our appreciation.  We look forward to the next group coming aboard.

“This is more than job training,” Dr. Ethan Tran said.  Medical Director for Frontline ER,  Dr. Tran related a conversation he had had with one of the students, Miles, at the luncheon,

“When I asked Miles what his superpower would be, he replied, ‘the power to spread love and the power of self respect.’ That’s pretty powerful,” Dr. Tran added.

Frontline ER is an acute care emergency room providing healthcare services to the communities we live and work within. Give us a call or contact us through our website should you have more questions about our services.


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