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Testing & Observation

At our Dallas emergency clinic, we don’t stop caring for our patients until they have fully recovered. Your health is our number one priority, and any medical testing and observation necessary will be performed to ensure you recover quickly and effectively. Think you may need testing and observation in Dallas, TX? Visit Frontline ER today!

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At Frontline ER, we believe diagnostic testing and patient observation is an essential part of providing exceptional emergency medical care. Due to the fact that medical emergencies aren’t on a schedule, neither are our testing and observation services, we are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help your recovery as quickly as possible with emergency care in Dallas.

Dallas Medical Testing

When it comes to treating emergency medical conditions with emergency care in Dallas, physical examinations typically aren’t enough for diagnosing and recommending an appropriate course of treatment. For this reason, Frontline ER provides diagnostic testing and imaging services in order to understand each patient’s specific condition better, allowing us to properly create a treatment plan. During your stay, we may continue to provide testing in order to also track the progress of your medical emergency and ensure you are properly recovering with emergency care in Dallas.


Dallas Medical Observation

At Frontline ER, we are dedicated to your recovery from the moment you enter our freestanding emergency clinic until the moment you have fully recovered from your medical condition. For this reason, we provide patient observation to monitor your treatment and recovery. In most instances, observation is unnecessary; however, if your emergency physician feels your condition requires consistent care or may possibly advance then observation will be provided.

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