When to use the emergency room – adult

Whenever an illness or injury occurs, you need to decide how serious it is and how soon to get medical care. This will help you choose whether it is best to: Call your health care provider Go to an urgent care clinic Go to an emergency department right away It pays to think about the […]

Urgent Cares: A Convenient and Affordable Alternative to the Emergency Room

Urgent cares are a convenient and affordable alternative to the emergency room for non-life-threatening medical conditions. They offer a wide range of services, including: Treatment for minor injuries and illnesses X-rays and lab tests Prescription medications Stitches and casting Vaccinations Minor surgery Urgent cares are typically open seven days a week and offer extended hours, […]

The Benefits of Urgent Care

The Benefits of Urgent Care Here are 5 benefits of urgent care: Convenience. Urgent care centers are typically open seven days a week, evenings, and weekends. This means that you can get the care you need when you need it, without having to make an appointment with your primary care doctor. Affordability. Urgent care centers […]

Deciding Between Visiting Primary Care, Urgent Care, or the Emergency Room

Posted on December 22, 2021 Where To Go To Get the Right Care at the Right Place Burlington, Mass. – You may have heard that hospitals are busier than ever. You’ve just slipped in your driveway and think you may have sprained or broken your ankle. You need to see a doctor. But where? Should […]

The difference between urgent and emergency care

JAN 18, 2017 When you’re sick or injured, it helps to understand the different levels of care and when they’re needed. For example, there are urgent situations that aren’t emergencies, such as a minor sprain or a sinus infection. Then there are situations where you should go straight to an emergency room as soon as […]

Life Loves a (Healthy) Liver

Healthy Liver

The liver is a big part of the body’s filtration system.  And it is also home to a number of maladies and illnesses if you aren’t careful in caring for it. It is a vital organ that processes nutrients, filters the blood and fights infections.  The liver can get inflamed or damaged by heavy alcohol […]

Eating Right When You Think You’re Not!

Eating Right

As the ultimate junk food nation, we are surrounded by the temptation of empty calories daily. Keeping to a healthy diet is a huge challenge.  But the efforts can pay off in healthier and happier you. There are lots of ways to celebrate your favorite foods (and drinks) in July. While July celebrates National Junk Food […]

A Healthy Mind Means a Healthy Body

healthy mind healthy body

We all work too hard and really should listen better.  Studies have shown being socially well means your body is also healthy. And maintaining our brain health as we age can help stave off dementia, memory loss and other brain function issues. Overwork and chronic stress can have long-term consequences.  If you are a workaholic, your […]

Enjoying the Sun without Making Yourself the Main Course

protect yourself from the sun

With July 3rd being National Stay Out of the Sun Day (really), it reminds us that caring for the largest organ of our bodies is just as important as caring for our brain, heart, lungs or kidneys. If you are a “Sun worshiper” and enjoy tanning and being outdoors uncovered, then maybe you should consider a day off.  […]

Getting a Glimpse into Life After Graduation

Dallas Graduates

The real world comes soon enough to graduating high school students. For those with disabilities, it might take a bit more to envision their life after they earn their diploma. At Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas, students with disabilities are given a special “leg up” with a program that helps them design transition plans.  These plans […]