CareNow Can Help With Illnesses, X-Rays, Labs and More

There is a lot of appreciation going around for CareNow, which is an urgent care near you. Ending up in the Emergency Room in Dallas is no fun – it usually means someone is sick or someone has gotten hurt. CareNow is there for people when they need it. If you have come down with strep throat on a weekend, an ER near you might be one option… and CareNow might be another.

CareNow is outfitted and staffed with qualified and highly experienced healthcare providers. If they accept your insurance, then a visit to them could save you both money and time in the long-run.

You can use the Web Check-In to let the clinic know that you or a loved one needs to be seen. Then you wait for the office staff to call you back with the information. One woman had a son with a broken elbow, and it was immediately verified that she could get her son the x-rays at CareNow. Then she just had to wait for a staff member to let her know when to arrive.

This is a great feature for busy people. If you have a lot of children, a job, and chores that need to be completed, knowing an arrival time can you save you the lengthy time it takes just to sit around in the ER and wait to be called.

Not only does CareNow offer x-rays for people worried about broken bones, but it has a lot of other care options to provide. They can help out with illnesses, flu shots, and vaccinations. They can also help out with the physicals needed to play sports, any lab tests you need done, and they can even screen your hearing!

There are more than 112 urgent care places in the United States. Therefore, CareNow is a great option to choose. The clinics are open 7 days a week, because they understand that accidents don’t just happen from Monday to Friday. They also have late business hours they stay open. This allows for them to provide you the care you need, when you need it.


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