5 Tips to Boost Well-Being in The Workplace

If you’re a human resource professional, you may be interested in learning about ways to reduce sick days in the workplace. And if you’re a health and safety professional, you may be especially interested in ways to reduce lost-time injuries to keep your employees from having to seek treatment from an emergency room in Dallas.

If so, keep reading to learn how your employees can keep from having to search for an “ER near me” while they’re on your payroll.

Give Your Employees an Incentive

Employees can’t be punished for getting sick, but you can reward them for good habits that prevent them from missing work. As an example, you could offer incentives such as time off when they enroll in health, exercise, and diet programs sponsored by the company.

Educate Your Employees

This goes hand-in-hand with the above topic. When your employees are educated about ways to fight off illness, they’ll become more empowered to take control of their heath. A few ways to do this is to organize workshops to teach them about health and safety, and to distribute pamphlets with reminders about hand-washing and elbow-sneezing as best practices for a healthy work environment.

Make Their Job Healthier

An employee deserves a clean and sanitized work environment. Studies have shown that germs can impact up to 60% of a work place when the contaminants are located on communal equipment like copiers and fax machines. For this reason, Frontline ER Dallas recommends that employers ensure that the cleaning staff includes these surfaces when they perform their disinfecting.

Reduce Stress for Your Employees

Although an employer can not be responsible for stress that an employee brings into the work environment from home, they can take control of establishing deadlines that are realistic in their expectation. It’s a simple equation: The reduction of stress in the work place will reduce the likelihood of an employee becoming suspectable to viruses that could result in sick days.

Providing Modern Equipment Includes Modern Plumbing

Outdated plumbing, such as galvanized steel pipes that are slowing mineralizing the drinking water, can cause a variety of issues which could result in sick days. When you Improve your plumbing situation, you’ll also improve the health and safety of your workplace.


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