Frontline ER Helps an Angel Find Testing for Guatemalan Travelers

Frontline ER came to the rescue of some Guatemalan travelers but not without the help of an angel.

Thanks to the courtesy and quick thinking of Elena Tavira, five men in transit between Washington, D.C., and their final destination of Guatemala, were able to continue their journey.  Thanks to Ms. Tavira, she was able to bring the travelers to Frontline ER Dallas for the required Antigen testing, so they could continue their journey.

“I had dropped off my mom for her flight to Guatemala when she called me,” Ms. Tavira related. “While they waited for their flight it became clear to my mom that they needed to be tested before they could continue.”

Fortunately Ms. Tavira and her brother found, through an online search, that Frontline ER provided Antigen testing.

“When we heard Ms. Tavira’s story, it melted our hearts,” Laura Tschida said.  “Our employees were able to stop a minute and realize the importance of what we are providing.  Elena gave them transportation from DFW to Frontline ER and interpreted for them all with a smile and a heart full of love.  What an angel.”

Ms. Tschida is regional marketing director for Frontline ER.

Frontline ER is a state-of-the-art freestanding emergency center providing diagnostics and treatment for patients 24/7.  Equipped to provide pediatric and trauma emergency care as well as treatment of workplace and household injuries, Frontline ER has locations in Dallas and Richmond, Texas.   Frontline ER has served the Lakewood neighborhood of Dallas since 2018.


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