Summertime’s Common Injuries and Illnesses

Summertime's Common Injuries and Illnesses

When most people think of summer, the sun, the water, and the activities are usually what come to mind. At Frontline ER Dallas however, we tend to think of the common injuries and illnesses we see. Luckily, these common summer complications can be easily avoided, follow along!

Heat Exposure Conditions

Did you know spending too much time in the heat/sun can actually result in serious complications? When it comes to enjoying the summer sun, make sure to drink enough water and enjoy the shade every once and awhile. Nausea, headaches, confusion, and dizziness can be a sign of a heat-related condition such as heat stroke.


We’ve all experienced a sunburn from time to time, but did you know severe sunburns can actually be serious? If your sunburn is accompanied by blistering, extreme pain, chills, headache, confusion or nausea, we recommend seeking immediate emergency care in Dallas, TX.

Swimming Injuries

Did you know that drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death in children under 4? When it comes to summer, swimming is a popular activity. Make sure that everyone understands the rules of the pool to avoid injury. Always watch your children while swimming, they can drown in just a few moments.

Sports Injuries

With summer comes a lot more outdoor activities, including sports! Unfortunately, with more activity, more injuries tend to occur. Wearing proper protective gear can help reduce the risk of injury. In the event you think you have sprained, fractured or even broken something, visit Frontline ER right away.

Food Poisoning

Were you aware that heat can actually spoil food quicker and increase bacteria growth? When it comes to enjoying the summer and food, make sure to store things properly and always wear gloves when preparing food.

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