Hurt at Work? 5 Ways a Workplace Injury Can Hurt Your Family Finances

You might not like to think about getting hurt and having to get emergency treatment near you. Oftentimes a workplace injury in Dallas can wreak havoc on a family’s finances.

This is especially if there is no worker’s compensation or disability payments following the workplace injury treatment in Dallas. The following list is comprised of the five important ways that your family might be affected.

  1. Reduced Income
  2. If the workplace injury is serious, then the family member who suffered through this ordeal won’t be able to return to their career right away. Or they may have to work less hours while going through treatment and healing. This can lead to a reduction in a family’s usual income.

  3. Medical Expenses
  4. In some cases, your family member might be able to return to work or find a secondary, less demanding job, but depending on the circumstances, they might have racked up a huge amount of medical expenses. Even people who have workplace insurance may have to cover some of the cost out of pocket, depending on the terms and conditions of their plans and their deductible.

  5. Losing Their Job
  6. Sometimes the injury can be severe enough that it can end up costing a family member their entire job. If they are unable to perform their usual duties, then they’ll be out of work, and they’ll no longer be able to contribute to the family and to the household’s income earning.

  7. Losing Medical Insurance
  8. If your family is relying on the family member who got injured to provide medical insurance for the entire family, this can be truly devastating if they lose that job. That means everyone would lose all their medical coverage. This is especially determinantal for a family with children.

  9. Losing Savings

Suffering through a workplace injury may mean that you have to rely on your savings while either waiting to recover and return to work or while looking for a new job. You might have to use your nest egg to pay medical bills or just to survive while waiting to recover and/or start over.


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