3 Major Differences Between Urgent Care Centers & Standalone Emergency Rooms

3 Major Differences Between Urgent Care Centers & Standalone Emergency Rooms

Urgent Care Centers and standalone emergency rooms provide care for a variety emergencies and situations. Frontline ER in Dallas provides 24-hour emergency care for patients in the Dallas area. What is the difference between Urgent Care Centers and standalone emergency rooms? Where should you go for different classes of situations? Read on to find out where you should go and why!

The first thing to consider is the severity of trauma treated. Urgent Care Centers provide similar services to a normal physician’s office. They provide patients with convenient times and do not require appointments. They do not always have the proper equipment to treat severe emergency situations. Emergency rooms can provide patients with help for any emergency situation.

Access to medical resources is the next thing to consider. Emergency rooms have a wide range of services and treatments readily available to them. These include pharmaceuticals, medical imaging, labs, and more. These services help to quickly and effectively treat and diagnose issues.

Finally, the cost of treatment is important to take into consideration. Urgent Care Centers offer similar pricings to your regular physician’s clinic. They will normally be much cheaper then visiting an emergency room. Why do standalone emergency rooms cost more? Standalone emergency rooms are designed to handle a variety of health emergencies. The services and treatments will cost more to run efficiently and quickly. This also allows them to run properly 24 hours a day. Providing this critical care is important in treating patients and saving lives.

For more information or questions on the services we provide, contact Frontline ER Dallas. Preparing ahead of time can ease stress and anxiety when there is a serious emergency in your family.