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Common Household Poisons and Their Treatment
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Whether you know it or not, there are things in your house right now that could cause you, or, worse, your children, harm. There are a number of items in your home that could or do contain components that are poisonous to children, adults and pets. The first defense is prevention: secure these items out…

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Keeping Warm and Safe During Cold Weather
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This past week of extreme weather throughout Texas was—forgive this word—unprecedented. Snow, extreme cold, loss of heat and light, broken pipes and shut off water. What are we supposed to do in times like this to stay safe, warm, dry and healthy?  A few of the difficulties that you might suffer should you have experienced…

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Living in Texas we are apt to be outside and exercising more than in colder climates.  One of the most popular ways of getting aerobic and cardio exercise outdoors is bicycling. Along with the benefit of fresh air, exercise and a rush of endorphins, comes a bit of a risk.  Cycling can be risky if…

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