Why Choose Frontline ER?

Why Choose Frontline ER?

Your Local Dallas, TX ER

Did you know that some area hospital-based emergency rooms have an average wait time up to 8 hours? Facilities for Emergency Care in Dallas often have quicker wait-times. However, they often don’t provide the emergency care provided by an emergency room and often aren’t even open 24/7. At Frontline ER in Dallas, TX, we provide the same level of emergency care in Dallas as a hospital-based emergency room without the long wait times and crowds of people.

Wondering why you should choose Frontline ER? Although Frontline ER is not attached to a hospital, we maintain the privilege to admit our patients to an area hospital if the need arises for emergency care in Dallas. We accept patients of any age, from infants to the elderly and can provide lab diagnostics, imaging services, observation and even treatment.

Board-Certified Emergency Physicians

The emergency physicians at Frontline ER are board certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. Our nurses and doctors are also trained in every aspect of emergency care from pediatrics to geriatrics, meaning we can properly treat any member of your family during their time of need.

The professional and experienced emergency care staff at our Dallas freestanding emergency center is dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate and effective emergency care to each and every patient. We treat each patient who enters our doors like family, and treatment doesn’t end until you are fully recovered.

Not feeling well? At Frontline ER in Dallas, TX no appointments or waits are necessary. However, you can call to let us know you are on the way to emergency care in Dallas. Although we hope you never need our emergency services, we look forward to helping you feel better during your time of need.