Workplace Injuries Treatment in Dallas

Workplace Injuries Treatment in Dallas

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Workplace Injuries

When it comes to workplace injuries in Dallas, TX, it is highly important to seek emergency care in Dallas right away. Has one of your employees experienced a workplace injury in Dallas? Frontline ER is proud to provide 24-hour care for workers’ compensation injuries, with no necessary appointment or after-hour fees for emergency care in Dallas.

Our freestanding emergency clinic in Dallas has the same capabilities as hospital emergency rooms. However, we don’t have the wait! Our medical staff and emergency physicians have extensive experience with emergency care and are certified per DOT regulations. We can help you, your employees and your business get back on track faster!

  • Any Dallas workplace injury is verified by our medical staff.
  • Written reports about the injured employee are available once the visit to an emergency care in Dallas has been completed.
  • Patient care representatives can provide up-to-date information regarding the injured employee at any time.
  • We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and have little to no wait times, allowing your injured employee to get the care they need quickly.

At Frontline ER, proper emergency care in Dallas for your injured employee is our top priority. The injured worker may stay up to 23 hours and even overnight if needed. They can also be transferred to any Dallas area hospital and bypass the hospital ER, being admitted immediately. We work with our partners to provide transport services including ambulance and helicopter.

We strive to take care of workplace injuries in Dallas, in a quick and efficient manner and always keep both the employee and employer informed. Have additional questions regarding our workers’ compensation medical services? Contact a Frontline ER patient care representative at (214) 301-5638.