Billing and Insurance

Billing and Insurance

Frontline ER: Our Patients Are Always In-Network

Did you know that state law in Texas requires your insurance provider to pay for your emergency care regardless of whether or not the ER is in-network or out-of-network? At Frontline ER we believe the last thing our patients should have to worry about is how they will be paying for their emergency care. For this reason, we honor in-network billing rates regardless of if we are in your insurance provider’s network in an effort to reduce your cost.

At Frontline ER, we want your mind to be at ease so you can recover. No more worrying about whether your emergency care will be covered by insurance or trying to find an in-network facility during an emergency. Your insurance cannot turn you away, and we never will either. We are always ready to help during your time of need and accept most major private insurance providers. However, at this time Frontline ER does not accept Tricare, Medicaid, Medicare or Chips.

No Health Insurance? No Problem!

At Frontline ER we try to work with each and every patient that walks through our doors. Don’t have health insurance? That isn’t a problem! We accept patients who do not have health insurance or would prefer to self-pay. We accept cash, cashier’s check, and most major credit cards. Whether you have insurance or not, Frontline ER will work with you on a payment schedule to cover your visit.

We don’t believe insurance or finances should affect whether or not you receive exceptional emergency care, regardless of if you have health insurance or prefer to self-pay, our patient care specialists are here to help you understand your options. Our Frontline ER staff will provide you with an estimated cost of services and information which can help you compare prices in the area.

More information about insurance benefits

We also accept patients who do not have insurance, or prefer to self-pay with cash, cashier’s check or credit card. At this time Frontline ER does not accept Medicaid, Medicare, Chips or Tricare. If you do not have insurance, we’ll work with you on a payment schedule to help you cover your visit.

Whether you have insurance or will self-pay, our patient care process provides billing specialists help you understand your options. We’ll provide an estimate of the services, and provide information to help you compare prices.

If you have questions, please contact a patient care representative at (214) 499-9555 for Dallas.